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DSIC - Diagnosing Sepsis in Children

May 2022 - August 2022
Augmented Reality app prototype for training medical staff to detect Sepsis in children. Developed in collaboration with De Montfort University, Leicester Royal Infirmary, and Aiklu Ltd.
Unity, Augmented Reality, simulation
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Project description

This project was part of a collaboration agreement between De Montfort University, Leicester, and Aiklu Ltd., a company that develops apps using artificial intelligence to make healthcare more easily accessible worldwide. I was brought on as one of two AR developers to collaborate with Aiklu as well as supervisors from DMU and Leicester Royal Infirmary.

Our task was to create a proof-of-concept mobile AR application designed to train junior doctors and nurses how to identify the basic symptoms of sepsis in children. I worked mainly on the AR interaction design and visuals in collaboration with Anthony Woodward of Twin Planets Ltd., who worked on the app flow and menus. We are both very experienced with the Unity game engine and found that this style of collaborative work with distinct roles but the ability to help the other when needed invaluable in the development process.

The project involved frequent meetings with project shareholders and supervisors, as well as visits to the children's ward in Leicester Royal Infirmary. These visits were key to the project as we got a chance to view the working environment of the nurses and even get some 3D scans of their equipment.


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